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Substantive Editing

Get the big stuff right


Substantive editing examines a book’s working pieces so that they may function together to best transport the reader.


Let me give your manuscript a thorough evaluation of:


  • structure

  • plot

  • character

  • dialogue

  • pace

  • setting, and

  • point of view.


You will walk away with not only a marked-up manuscript but also a chapter-by-chapter synopsis and an up to ten-page editorial assessment of your novel. My feedback always includes specific page-number references of issues to be addressed and suggested solutions.


I have experience editing both literary and commercial fiction in a wide variety of genres, including urban fantasy, high fantasy, speculative fiction, science fiction, crime, thriller, and romance.


Please contact me for a free sample edit and estimate.

Every writer needs Maggie Morris in their life! She will not only go over your work with a grammarian’s eye for detail and an English professor’s eye for structure and themes, she does so in a caring and respectful way. You will come away with excellent feedback and a better understanding of your work. She is organized, thorough, timely and professional—be prepared to have your mind blown. 

— Laurie Myers, Author, Trick Line

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