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Maggie Morris

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A lifelong student of language and literature, I have a bachelor of arts in French and German language and literature from the University of Toronto and a certificate in Publishing from Toronto Metropolitan University.


As an editor and writer, I enjoy the flexibility of the English language and the intersection between style and the style guide. I see “the rules” as tools to help a manuscript’s working parts function together as the ultimate expression of an author’s voice.


I have experience editing literary and commercial fiction for adults and young adults, specifically in the following genres: urban fantasy, high fantasy, speculative fiction, science fiction, crime fiction, thriller, horror, and contemporary romance. I would consider any potential YA edit carefully to ensure I could get inside the voice—this is particularly important where stylistic editing is concerned.


I write avidly in my spare time, and I am represented by the literary agent Rena Rossner of The Deborah Harris Agency. My debut novel, a mystery written under the pen name Maggie Findlay, is currently on submission. Feedback (and practice in giving it) has been essential to my development as an editor and writer. I am grateful to my instructors, critique partners, and pre-reader friends for helping me hone my skills.

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